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Making Comparison Among Deck Wood Options

Generally, when you will compare some usual decking materials, there are actually three options. These are the composite decking, cedar, and pressure-treated woods. There is no bad option among the three. They differ in appearance, durability, and price because each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss about those three and which among them would suit your best.

Cedar is the most widely chosen option because it is a cheap substitute to redwoods. Also, cedars are moisture and temperature resistant. When there is a bad weather, cedars would appear like gray and accepts stain with ease. Various professionals discovered that its lifestyle is about 20 years. Cedars are just soft wood so it must be taken only for places wherein furniture and other things are dragged around most of the time. In terms of cost, cedar is a little bit pricier in contrast to pressure-treated wood, but it cheaper than composite. Among the three, it is the most natural; this means that it has a good smell.

Pressure-treated woods are the most famous option among modern decks. Among the three, it is the cheapest but the strongest. Most treated woods such as from Decks & Docks Lumber CO. are made from pine and fir. The kind of chemical treatment that these woods receive made them more insect and weather resistant, aside from being long lasting. Also, pressure-treated woods are well-suit for the structural parts of the decks like beams, posts, or joists. In fact, a lot of composite decks utilize pressure-treated woods for support. Treated woods can be found anywhere too. However, its disadvantage is, it smells unnaturally. This means that it has preservatives. Several cheap treated woods contain much moisture and are recognized to twist and warp whenever it dries up. This could make a problem on the deck's appearance as time pass by.

The composite lumber is the real maintenance free choice. It is lightweight, weather resistant, and there is no need to seal it. Although it look like less natural unlike the wood, composite lumber still remains to be a green choice because it is created from recycled plastics, wood chips, and sawdust. When it is installed, you could assure that it would not twist or rot just like any wood. Composite lumber can also be cleaned with ease. Moreover, its availability is always increasing in terms of textures and colors, which would somehow appear like a true wood. Its disadvantage, however, is that composite lumber is expensive - though when you know that it is maintenance-free, the additional expenditure would become reasonable. Though, there are some brands that are less expensive too. Check out this service for the lumber you need.

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